Michael Aymon: Lawyer with a Criminal Record

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Maitre Michael Aymon lawyer in Martigny (VS) Switzerland
Lawyer Michael Aymon in Martigny (VS) Switzerland

Michael Aymon: charged pending trial on Obstruction of Justice, coercion and threats against FOUR young women who accused his brother of rape, their families and entourage

Maitre Michael Aymon is a lawyer who passed the bar around August 2014 after completing his Masters of Law at the University of Lausanne.

Despite the fact Michael Aymon already had a criminal record for assaulting a police officer and has two convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol and attempting to flee the police. Lawyers are not supposed to have criminal records.

They teach some pretty interesting stuff in Swiss universities, or at least in their law faculties, because before the year was over, we were called as state's witness in a case where Michael Aymon stands accused of aggravated assault and robbery against a pensioner who was SIXTY-FIVE years old at the time.

The incident in question happened right outside our front door, it was a dispute between neighbours; a feud that had been simmering for a while and we stayed right out of it.

However, once we had been placed at the scene, the victim who was hospitalized and needed several stitches after a blow to the head with a snow shovel, gave our name to the prosecutor. We were summoned, we didn't have any choice. So Michael Aymon turned right around and reported us to child protection (APEA), repeatedly, then offered us a deal : if we retracted our statements about him, he would retract his.

Michael Aymon invented a fantastic web of lies when he denounced us to the APEA. His accomplice and corroborating witness was his childhood friend with a history of drug abuse, particularly ironic because Michael Aymon accused my partner of being a complete drunkard, endangering our child by regularly walking around visibly drunk with our little girl in the stroller and driving under the influence of alcohol with her in the car.

Of course it is hard to disprove allegations of being a drunkard. Most people drink a little, and the tests only say if you drink alcohol or not. However, due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, my partner never touched a drop; she was teetotal. When the capillary tests came back completely negative, zero consumption of alcohol, Michael Aymon argued that in the case where someone drank heavily once a month that may not appear in the test. This may be true, but in the first instance Aymon claimed that she was regularly drunk in public. Drinking alcohol regularly will always be visible in the test.

Michael Aymon made up lies about my partner, made false denunciations against her and now stands accused of inciting others to make false  statements in sworn testimonies.

He is of course innocent until proven guilty of those more recent charges, however just imagine falsely accusing a young mother of drunken, irresponsible behaviour, and then it turns out that you yourself have two convictions for drunken driving while trying to flee the police, and your corroborating witness has a history of drug addiction and abuse! Are you serious?

But you know, prosecutors, judges and lawyers in Valais are so lazy, stupid, corrupt or utterly criminal, that not only did they refuse to prosecute Michael Aymon for four years, they investigated us, the witnesses they themselves called.

In June 2017, Michael Aymon settled and paid CHF 10,000 to my partner as compensation. We did not want to settle, but we were obliged to do so, because the prosecutor Marie-Line Voirol Revaz refused to move the case forward.

Now, to anyone in the legal profession who is not Swiss, this might look much like an attempt at coercion.

Amazingly, Prosecutor Marie-Line Voirol-Revaz doesn't seem to have a problem with that; Indeed, she lobbied the 65-year-old victim to withdraw his complaint. He refused, even though the case has not yet been to the court on to this day on August 9, 2018; almost four years later.

On the other hand, there was another complainant against Michael Aymon, by a vaudois (resident of the Canton of Vaud). The prosecutor in Vaud wanted to consolidate this complaint with the Valais case already underway. Surprisingly Prosecutor Frédéric Gisler, who had nothing to do with the Aymon case, refused to do so and returned the case to Vaud, making sure that the cases of Vaud against Aymon never proceeded.

But why would Frederic Gisler protect Michael Aymon? The plot thickens. Frédéric Gisler falsely accused me of murder when I reported a suicide in April 2015. I am suing Frederic Gisler for human rights abuse and maybe he thought that Michael Aymon was a useful idiot. If we were too busy fighting to protect our little girl, maybe I would drop the criminal trial for torture against him? You can read my complaint here.

According to Swiss justice, it is simply by chance that Michael Aymon is accused of attempted coercion twice, once in 2015 and again in 2017; Pure coincidence that in both cases he is accused of doing so to witnesses against himself and his brother; And of course, we will never know if the case of Vaud was going to be the third time lucky, because Frédéric Gisler protected Michael Aymon against this vaudois by steadfastly refusing to prosecute.

It certainly seems like that, but in Switzerland everything is fine because it is essentially a fascist country: dirty, devious and corrupt magistrates abusing their power, sadistically destroying the lives of the innocent.

Still not convinced?

Michael Aymon has a criminal record for assaulting a public official. He did this while he was a student and somehow managed to get admitted to the bar, which is very unusual because having a criminal record generally excludes admission to the bar for ethical reasons.

His brother was imprisoned pending trial, accused of drugging and raping at least four women under the age of 20, two of whom were under the age of 17 and therefore minors; After his brother was imprisoned, he was imprisoned and then bailed pending trial on charges of attempted coercion, making threats and obstruction of justice.

On the issue of credibility, Michael Aymon fails miserably. He reported us to child protection (APEA) three times, pretending to be very worried about our daughter, saying that he had a troubled childhood; Yet he is charged with physical violence, threats and coercion against four young women who accused his brother of rape. The hypocrisy of the highest order.

Absolute moral depravity as well.

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