Prosecutor Frederic Gisler LL.D (Fribourg)

Submitted by isoiey on Thu, 08/30/2018 - 12:48

Homosexual Sadist & Depraved Pervert:
Photos of my penis under duress at Police Station

Prosecutor Frederic Gisler holds a Doctor of Laws from the prestigious University of Fribourg.

Frederic Gisler is also a sexually depraved torturer and pervert; You see, when I reported the suicide of a depressed friend, Frederic Gisler concealed the suicide note in which my poor friend said he had taken an overdose of his medication and tried to hang himself.

After concealing the note and ignoring my alibi, Frederic Gisler devised a bizarre scenario by which a strangulation murder of sex game was held.

This resulted in me stripping and photographing naked, including pictures of my penis, to prove myself innocent. Sic

The coroner said categorically that there were no marks on my penis to indicate violent sex, no need for photos as no anomolies to photograph. However, Frederic Gisler's police insisted that they then needed photos to show the judge their sex game theory was wrong. Never mind there was no evidence of sex game, it all came from their sick and twisted sexually perverted imagination.

Equally important is that to rule out this crazy sex game theory does not necessarily prove me innocent of the murder.

No, the whole ordeal they put me through was all about torture and sexual humiliation; I was threatened with physical violence, torture in the form of waterboarding and was refused drinking water and access to the toilet for nine hours.

This is the kind of sadistic, malicious, depraved sexual pervert that Dr. Frederic Gisler is.

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